Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Vesak 2552!

Happy Vesak Day to all our Buddhists in uniform, wherever they may be in the world. May you be happy and well, and at peace.

"In the country of Magadha, til now, the impure teaching of people who were stained was expounded. World-Honored One, may you open the door of immortality. Like a man who stands atop the summit of a hill and surveys all that lies below, the wise one ascends to the palace of the Dharma and frees himself from sorrow. O Wise One, turn your eyes now to those who, drowning in sorrow, are overwhelmed by birth and old age. O Heroic One, conqueror in battles, leader of caravans, debtless one, begin your travels throughout the world. If the World-Honored One expounds the Dharma, surely there will be those who will attain Enlightenment."
-The god Brahma's entreaty to Buddha, Lalitavsitara

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Shravasti Dhammika said...

What a surprise, and a pleasant one! How heartning to see the Dhamma even in the military.I found your blog interesting, unexpected and encouraging. And Ill visit it again. You may find mine interesting too. its at

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