Friday, May 9, 2008

Buddhist Military Sangha Wins 2008 Blogisattva Award!

This site has won something called a Blogisattva Award! Apparently every year there's a contest among various Buddhist-oriented blogs, which there must be tons, I imagine. Somebody (it certainly wasn't me) nominated the site for "Best Niche Blog, Unusual-Function Blog, Blog Service, or a Serial within a Blog" (I wonder how many other blogs were up for that one)?? I am not sure what exactly the prize is for something like that, but if it helps to spread Buddha-dharma and the message of this blog, then let's take a twirl down the aisle! The link where I found this information is at
Namo Amida Butsu


Leamur said...

Congratulations! You deserve the recognition.

Unknown said...

Lt Shin,

Be informed that Buddhist Military Sangha was appraised as one of the best blogs or for putting up one of the best posts in several categories, and eventually received an official nomination and won in the "Niche Blog" category.

There are many in the buddhoblogosphere who appreciate the mission of Buddhist Military Sangha and the quality of posts put up in the blog and the value they have for your targetted readers.

Many top-notch Buddhist bloggers participated in the search for nominees and winners in the many categories of awards we had this year.

Indeed, the purpose of the quiet Blogisattva Awards is to spread the Buddha-dharma and direct readers to many of the excellent Buddhist blogs that are out there.

I expect that many of your readers have found BMS as a result of the Blogisattva nomination it received this year and its victory in the category where it was nominated.


Tom Armstrong
Awards Administrator

Mark Vanslooten said...

Excellent Chaplain Shin! I know you have been working hard on this blog. It's good to get the recognition you deserve.

Rocco said...

Many thanks to Chaplain Shin for guiding us through this journey of selfless service, honor, and commitment. Knowing that this community was put forth in the best interest of military personnel and other noble constitutes that support a Buddhist way of life is exceptionally imperative and very deserving of this appreciation. This recognition lays the path for great things to come.
Many Mahalos!
~ Mr. Rocco Blais

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