Saturday, September 1, 2012


Since I'm working on some old projects, I'd like to see what the blogosphere thinks of a couple of them.
I have previously alluded to a set of running cadences that is in the works. I have this strange concept of incorporating the physical training into spiritual fitness, and at the same time making our physical training more spiritually-minded. I'd love to hear ideas that allow us to incorporate our practice in more aspects of our lives.

There has been in my mind an idea for some time, based on my interactions with Venerable Zhen Guan (2LT, chaplain candidate) the idea of a television series (sit-com) titled, "The Monk and the Soldier". Basically, it revolves around a Soldier helping a monk learn physical fitness and the often comedic adventures that that has entailed. i'm wondering what our community might think about such a show?
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