Friday, September 19, 2008

Buddhist reading material donations to Military Personnel

Recently I spoke to a representative at Tibetan Treasures and they are interested in assisting Military personnel with free Buddhist texts. This is a great opportunity to help the Buddhist Military Community whether stationed state side, overseas, or deployed. Being able to receive reading materials with an array of Buddhist schools, authors, and subjects is an auspicious blessing. Tibetan Treasures has an extensive collection in which they will donate as long as they have a point of contact to send the books to and that the shipping costs are covered. If you represent the Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines or any Buddhist community in the military then they are willing to help. For more information, contact Tibetan Treasures at


Anonymous said...

Wildmind ( is also happy to donate guided meditation CDs to service members in the US or overseas, and to pay the shipping costs.

Requests can be emailed to or mailed to PO Box 212, Newmarket NH 03857.

Wildmind also has a lot guidance on meditation on its site.

Eddie Chen said...

Individuals may request free Dharma books from the Buddha Ed. Found.

Tel:+886-2-2395-1198 Fax:+886-2-2391-3415

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