Sunday, January 6, 2008

Buddhist Chaplaincy Degree Program

Hello all!

For anyone interested in pursuing Buddhist Chaplaincy at the professional level, the IBS has established a new degree program. This is an especially promising development as there are very few programs designed specifically for Buddhists clergy in chaplaincy. Please note that a graduate degree is a requirement for anyone applying to become a military chaplain. The information is below:

The Institute of Buddhist Studies at the Graduate Theological Union has established a degree emphasis in Buddhist Chaplaincy. This is a three year, graduate level program comparable to an MDiv and designed to cover all of the Association of Professional Chaplains educational requirements. Information about the program is available at our website: Select courses are offered online and the IBS cooperates with the Sati Center Training in Buddhist Chaplaincy,

Applications for admission to the Fall term 2008 are due by 15 February 2008. For applications and further information, contact the IBS Administrative Director and Registrar, Mrs. Kumi Hadler at Enrollment is limited.

The IBS was founded in 1949, and is affiliated with both the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, and Ryukoku University, Kyoto. The educational program offered is pan-Buddhist.


SlowZen said...

None of the links in your post appear to work.


Jeanette Yuinen Shin said...

Thanks, I've fixed the links now.

David Pyle said...

CH Shin,

Wow! If they had had that set up prior to my selecting a seminary, I might now be living in Berkley instead of Chicago.

Thanks for the info... I wonder if they will be setting up a certification course version of just the "Buddhist Chaplain emphasis" courses for those of us who either already have or already are working on Master's of Divinity degrees.

No need to answer, I'll just keep my eye open and maybe place the bee in someone's ear at IBS.


David Pyle

Joe said...

Thanks for your information.

But, I have found my college from where I can complete my college education.

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