Sunday, October 3, 2010

Buddhist Chaplains Returned from Deployments

Just a note that I have returned from my deployment with Combat Logistics Regiment 15Forward to Afghanistan, and will be resuming my ministry, at Camp Pendleton. Likewise, Chaplain Dyer has returned from his deployment to Iraq. We will use our experiences to help develop resources for American Buddhist military servicemembers. As I stated in previous posts, Brian Nagata of the Numata Center is working on a prototype of a service book and The Teaching of Buddha - Military edition. We can also use our experiences to help new chaplain candidates in developing their own form of Buddhist ministry in the field. More good news to follow!

Namo Amida Butsu


Scott Xian-Liao said...

Welcome back!


ChrisAwritingspring10 said...

Welcome home! We've been praying for you!

Kanani said...

I would love to meet you. Please contact me through my blog, at

I'm not far from Pendleton.
Kanani Fong
The Kitchen Dispatch
A Military Spouse Blog

Alessandro S. said...

Better later than never... I'm very happy you are back after serving with mindfulness and compassion in such troubled places. The Buddhas in the godly realms must be blessing your energy, determination and devotion to good!

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