Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vesak at Kandahar

Recently I was invited to conduct a Buddhist service at the Kandahar air base for a small group of Buddhists there. This was a reminder of the diversity of the traditions of Buddhism represented in our armed forces. Among our small group meeting for the first time, we had Jodo Shinshu, SGI-USA (one Navy Corpsman was a 27-year member!), Shinnyo'en, Zen, and also those still exploring different schools of Buddhist thought and practice. We discussed the life of the Buddha, and the challenges of being an openly professing Buddhist in the military. There was also discussion about the future of Buddhist Chaplaincy in the armed forces. A very positive discussion!

Hopefully this service will serve as the nucleus of future Buddhist fellowship at Kandahar, which is a major installation in southern Afghanistan. If anyone stationed at Kandahar would like to be participate in Buddhist meetings there, please contact the CMC there, at DSN 841-7594.


Anonymous said...


I will be at KAF for a few days shortly. I'd like to visit your group if possible. The DSN # on the site did not go through. Do you have another number or an email address instead?

Anonymous said...

I'll be at KAF in a few days. Is there another way to reach you?

Unknown said...

I am deployed to KAF currently, more information regarding this group would be greatly appreciated. The DSN does not work. Thank you.

Jeanette Yuinen Shin said...

The Buddhist Lay Service at KAF is held at the CMC on Mondays from 1900-2000.

Anonymous said...

Just arrived into KAF (FEB2012) looking for more up to date information for Budddhist services

thank you.

SSG Ramirez

Joell said...

looking for up to date information on Buddhist services in KAF just arrived Feb 2012. thank you

Jeanette Yuinen Shin said...

This entry is a couple years old so I do not know currently what Buddhist lay services are available at KAF. Your best place to check would be the Chaplain Office (U.S. Army).

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