Saturday, March 6, 2010

Forward to Afghanistan!

There will be few regular posts from me in this year since I am scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan shortly. I hope to be able to post at least several times, but I am not sure about connectivity to the Internet there (if there is any!) especially on blogging Web sites. I am looking forward to the experience and to providing Buddhist ministry to our servicemembers there (I have already had prior requests for materials from other units there). Afghanistan has had an ancient history of Buddhists traveling along the Silk Road, when it known as Bactria and Sogdia, and of course the famed statues of Bamiyan were once there. It should be quite an experience to be in a place that has had such an ancient history of Buddhism. Anyway, keep checking back here, in case I am able to post something!

Namu Amida Butsu


Arun said...

Good luck and safe travels! I’ll be following on Google Reader!

buddhadharma2.0 said...

Safe travels, namu amida butsu.

Conceição said...

good morning: maybe you´ll be surprise but in afghanistan there is one the best internet connection in the world, because of the war.

all he best in the dharma and be safe.


Fred Lobb said...

Good luck! Be safe and well. As always, thank you for your service to our nation!

Alessandro S. said...

Best wishes, Chaplain Shaku Yuinen!
Might the Buddha Dharma shine on your path, may your wisdom provide comfort and ease from sufferance to all the sentient beeings you'll meet, may all feel at rest and at ease just for you beeing among them.

Just as from a heap of flowers
many garland strands can be made,
even so one born & mortal should do
- with what's born & is mortal -
many a skillful thing.

No flower's scent goes against the wind
- not sandalwood, jasmine, tagara.
But the scent of the good does go against the wind.
The person of integrity wafts a scent in every direction.
Sandalwood, tagara, lotus, & jasmine:
Among these scents, the scent of virtue is unsurpassed.
Next to nothing, this fragrance
- sandalwood, tagara -
while the scent of the virtuous wafts to the gods, supreme.
(The Dhammapada)

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